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      "The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted life span, those days spent sailing"


 "Ocean Cruising Ideas and Helpful Information to Improve Our Cruising Experiences"


Cotton's Voyage Chronicles

    Lynn and I experienced many different challenges on our 'long' voyage that were never chronicled in our studies, classes, or readings.  The following articles tell about what we learned and will hopefully improve your cruising experience.

Cruising Articles         


   Our Cruising Dream

   Aground in Paradise

  Anchor Chain Tangle

   Cooking Fresh Fish Aboard

   Locking Through

The Right Tender for Cruising

   Welcoming Peoples We Met

    Wind, Waves, When to Go?

 If you are planning an extended cruise, you may want to read these several times for clarity, and, I do modify the articles as I think of more experiences.


Please contribute stories or articles which would contribute to improving our collective enjoyment of cruising.   -- See email address below.

Ideas for more articles...

Living on a cruising boat 24 hours a day

Recipes for cruising?
Please send your recipes or articles for 'easy' cooking!

Fish - Garibaldi
Catalina Island

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  "We wish all of you who cruise, fair weather, and may the wind always be at your back.  But we know better, and that's just part of the adventure."©
  He studied the books of the olden day;
  He studied but knew far more than they
  He talked to the learned men of the school-
  So wise he was they thought him a fool,
  A fool with the dark, dark, dreamful eyes,
  A child he was - grown wonder wise.

  Youth and dreams are over past
  And out, far out he is sailing fast
  Toward the seas he dreamed; - strange lands arise-
  The world is made rich by his great emprise-
  And the wisest know he was more than wise.
                                        -Annette Wynne

Twenty years from now,
you will be more disappointed

by the things you didnít do
than by the things you did do.  

So throw off the bowlines.  
Sail away from the safe harbor.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.  
Explore.  Dream. Discover.

              -Mark Twain

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