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                  Gun Control - NO!


     This is a tough issue because many people are killed with the use of guns. However, I am not sorry if my position on Gun Control offends you. I truly believe the statistics show that Gun Control does not reduce crime. The main reason is obvious to me and to those, like me, who have learned to safely use a firearm.  Gun Control will reduce my survival rate significantly if I cannot own a firearm. Even interviewed criminals themselves have stated, 'I am less likely to rob or threaten someone if I think they have a gun.' To me this is a, "Duh!", obvious result of gun possession. If someone enters my home with intent to harm if necessary, and I do not have a gun, the odds are very high that someone will be injured. If I have a gun, the odds are much more in my favor that those in my house will not be injured. Not 100%, but much higher than if no gun was allowed. And, I believe that law abiding citizens, those who gun control will affect, are not committing the improper use of guns, the criminal is, and he doesn't concern himself about a gun law.

   Also, results from crime in those US states that allow Concealed Weapons have actually gone down!

  Here are some examples that illustrate this position and better communicate why Understanding Americans believe Gun Control is not the answer.  Click 1. Click 2. Click 3.   Gun Control Facts - Documentation,    Gun control for the mentally ill?



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